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Said Enemy admits straying from path of righteousness.. big deal lot’s of us smoke it.
July 19, 2007, 9:22 am
Filed under: Current Affairs

Jacqui Smith along with a significant chunk of the population has in the past smoked weed. She picked up on the trend for saying how much stronger skunk varieties have become, compared to the good ole’ stuff they used to smoke.  Anyone who watched News night last night would have seen Cameron talking to a school where he was also describing how much stronger skunk was now compared too… he then stopped and said he should best stop there (I’m paraphrasing) the implication being that he had tried both. At least he seems to know what he is talking about from experience.

All of this of course makes me think how much better it would be if cannabis was legalized it could then be controlled like spirits are to ensure that strains produced where not of too high a strength. At the moment I guess it’s a bit like people brewing their own dodgy moonshine in the US prohibition days. Personally I agree that most skunk is too strong, I prefer weaker home grown varieties myself. Hey if Jacqui can admit it so can I, I guess the difference is I’m not Home Secretary so I don’t have to pretend that it is somehow wrong to enjoy being stoned every so often. After all it’s only human to want to get out of your box every now and then. I’m looking forward to the first politician to admit using magic mushrooms, although I suspect I don’t live in such enlightened times.

[Update] The Metro lead today with slightly amusing picture of a giant spliff comming out of ‘Big Bong’.. oh yes they are such wits are they not? Anyway lot’s of ministers came out of the closet and admited smoking cannabis. I wonder how these ministers lifes would have been effected if they had been caught and prosecuted for the possenion of cannabis? Would the criminal record have prevented them from gaining the postion of public office? Yes in all likelyhood. Once again the message is that it was ok for us to ‘experiment’ with it, but if you do it then you could face prision. Surley if we are living in a soceity where so many of our leaders have smoked weed then it really can’t be that big a deal?


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