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Jacqui Smith – Enemy of the Pothead
July 18, 2007, 12:55 pm
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Jacqui Smith has asserted her right wing tendencies to considering changing the classification of cannabis to a class B drug. This is despite a drop in the number of people reported as using the drug since it was re-classified. Ok so there maybe other variable factors, but it as least shows that relaxing the law hasn’t lead to a surge in people smoking. I suspect this move is prompted by some recent reports of cannabis induced psychosis etc. There are many factors that can cause mental illness which is on the rise across society as a whole. Perhaps we should look at the wider picture to understand depression, anxiety problems etc. rather than focusing our efforts on re-classifying drugs like cannabis. I suspect for instance that alienation, poverty, modern media, terrorist scare mongering, advertising have a far more negative effect on the minds of the population.

As a Libertarian I don’t think the state should have a right to legislate on what people should or shouldn’t do so long as they are not hurting anyone else. Of course due to the illegality of the drug people who smoke cannabis are most likely causing some harm, this is because the profits go into the hands of criminal elements that control the supply line. There is a strong economic and social benefit that could be gained from legalizing the trade. The increased tax revenue could go towards increased mental health service provision which overall would mitigate any adverse effect on our weed smoker’s minds.

It just seems terrible uncivilized that perfectly ordinary citizens who enjoy smoking cannabis could once again face prison for their actions. Lets just hope after they consider the option they decide to leave the law as it is or legalize the weed.


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