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Pagan Upset as Ancient Sites debased for TV
July 17, 2007, 11:30 am
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Within the past month two ancient chalk figures have been debased for some cheap exploitation. Although I can’t imagine this causing the same sort of outbursts as the ‘Cartoon’ incident it does seem a little thoughtless. Luckily most Pagans, myself included are easily subdued by Mead and have a sense of humor. There is something of the whinging Christian in the response by the Druid council (self-appointed hierarchy), but rather than going down the desecration of a religious symbol root, I think there is a stronger argument in that it encourages future defacement, and shows a lack of respect an ancient monument (regardless of religous significance).  It’s really just offensive to take something with a meaningful cultural value and exploit it for a bit of tacky advertising.   Although Paganism is bureaucratically classed as religion, it differs in the sense that it isn’t generally organized. The exception being the Druid council which due to the anarchic nature of the community is not to be taken as an absolute authority in the same was as say the Pope or Archbishop can be.  I guess at least it represent a figure head that the state can recognise and talk to. There is a part of me that is wary of the fetishisation of ‘Pagan’ Sites. Of course there will always be places of exceptional natural beauty and historical significance that people will consider them to have a spiritual and magical quality, however part of being Pagan is accepting everything under the sun as spiritual. As such places like the Long Man or the Ceres Giant differ from the spiritual places of religions that generally like to generally confine their worship to controlled interior spaces.

With the Homer drawing, part of me can’t help wonder if the Giant was historically a Homer of his time. Some kind of fickle Pop-Culture icon, or maybe it was done by some ancient drunkards tanked up on mead on a stag night.

I still signed the petition against the Long Man footage, not becuas I have any sanctimonus outrage but rather because I hate Trinny and Suzannah.


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Thank you for signing the petition. I was at the Long Man on the day of filming (and the day before)and what you say about encouraging future damage to the site is spot on.

Tnanks again!

Comment by cursus

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