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I’m back so time for a news round-up
July 16, 2007, 4:09 pm
Filed under: Current Affairs

Right, I’m back from my holidays and what better news could one ask for to start the week. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen Borris is going to stand to be mayor of our capital city. I suspect that we have as a nation become suitably disillusioned that we are willing to elect novelty politicians to lead us. Still he is at least against ID cards, so that’s something.

Elsewhere in the news I read another one of those depressing workers costing x millions to industry everyday for being Lazy, Slack, Sick.. This particular story in the Metro (newspaper of choice for tired wage slave commuters) complained that industry was losing money because workers had to drink extra coffee on a Monday morning as they were tired from staying up late at the weekend. Well excuse us for failing to ingest our performance enhancing drugs fast enough. Next they will be claiming that weekend binge drinking effect our productivity. Bloody Protestant work ethic nonsense.

Finally the Guardian front page was a ‘shocker’ about comrades in the developing world working 80 hour weeks and being beaten for failing to meet the capitalist’s orders on time. Could it be that this kind of behaviour is linked to the recent bomb threats against Tesco’s

A Tesco’s spokesperson said “There is still no reason to believe that the incidents are linked to extremism of any kind.” So bomb threats aren’t extremism so long as the labelling of them as extremism might have an adverse effect on sales.


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