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University & NHS admissions staff threatened for not complying with anti-terror Laws
July 6, 2007, 1:52 pm
Filed under: Current Affairs

Following the recent laughable attempts to inspire terror in Glasgow and London the NHS and Universities are coming under pressure to ensure enforcement of governmental anti-terror checks. Guy Collyer (head of the biological agents and toxins section of the National Counter Terrorism and Security Office) has been putting out the message to  Admissions staffs in these intuitions that they risk prosecution under the Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001 for failing to carry out the ‘necessary checks on credentials before accepting people as staff or students’.  This legislation effectively holds individuals responsible for failing to spy on and report on suspicious potential applicants. The requirements for checking credentials under the act are contained within documents that are in restricted circulation and individually identifiable. So people could potentially be prosecuted for failing to comply with guidelines which are not freely available within the public domain. You might be confused for thinking this is starting to sound Kafaquse and reminisce of the operations of the Stasi. Don’t worry your not confused, just right. 

I’ve just been shown a correspondence from within one such public institution to staff which suggests “a visit from Special Branch Counter Terrorism Unit is likely to be rather more uncomfortable then a visit from the HSE”.  What the fuck is going on with this country, when we are being threatened with visit from agents of the state which are meant to serve and protect us.  Lets hope that UCU, UNISON and the other Unions that represent these threatened workers are going to stick up against staff being turned into the eyes and ears of our increasingly out of control surveillance state.


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