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Power to the People
July 5, 2007, 2:12 pm
Filed under: Current Affairs

More hearting news has come out of the newly formed cabinet. I shall resist saying from Brown as focusing all politically decisions on the leader is a particularly Blarite thing to do. The first piece of news that got me a little bit excited was the talk of constitutional reform. The mentioning of a bill of rights opens up the possibility of encoding some of our civil liberties. Something I feel is important with their erosion from recent anti-terror legislation.  There has also been talk from the new cabinet about trying again for 90 days detention.  Ok so it may have been worded in a softly softly approach of building consesus but it’s clear what the new leader wants. I  therefore imagine any British bill of rights would focus more on the ‘responsibilities’ of the individual rather than enshrining their freedoms. I suspect it would be more abranding exercise for ‘british values’ rather than a tough UK  enforceable version of the ECHR.  Still at least it is on the table as a possibility.

The other news that made me warm a little to the new cabinet was the news that local communities are to have more of a say in how local council’s spend their budgets. This type of localized democratic involvement is essential for improving the openness and communal involvement with our society. There is a real possibility now that local politics could be discussed and citizens could partake in the decision making process. This will I believe not only improve the decisions being made, but also improve our sense of belonging and our sense of responsibility for our local environment. I’m looking forward to being able to partake in local political meetings where people actually have some executive power to make decisions. I wonder if we will be able to declare local communities ID card free with our new powers? Councillors will have to engage with people over their views and persuade people on the merits; perhaps they could also chair some of the meetings and provide more specialist advice from their years of experience. It’s all to easy to be cynical, and I’m still wary of neo-labour, but I’m allowing myself to be just a little bit pleased at the way things seem to be heading.


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