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Geeklawyer & Ruthie Split/Update on your authors movements.
July 3, 2007, 3:01 pm
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All things come to an end, both those which are good and thankfully those which are bad. One such thing that has come to an end is the online relationship between Geeklawyer and Ruthie. Obviously for us they exist only as abstracted virtual forms whose bickering was placed on earth to give us pleasure. However this pleasure will be no more and instead other distractions will be needed to fill the waking day. Geeklawyer and now Ruthie are both looking for a new co-blogger and I would urge my readers to consider these esteemed posts. If the three of you are interested then give one of them an email. I would suggest that Geeklawyers’ blog would be considerably more fun to write on, unless you have an interest in the technical qualities of criminal law.

 Meanwhile things are looking up for me with a new Friends of the Earth group to get involved in. Unlike the group in my previous place of residence this bunch seem organized with numbered agendas and minutes that get done. They are however lacking somewhat in the knowledge of how to run a political campaign and a knowledge of their political rights when campaigning. Luckily for them I feel like taking on some street stalls and building some support for Green Issues, which along with things like ID cards lie close to my cynical heart.  My NO2ID involvement is however struggling, although I have at least found someone who lives opposite me who is happy to get involved. It is somewhat hard to setup a political group when you are new to an area and lacking the contacts. Perhaps another few people meet whilst drinking in local establishments and a new local group might be formed…. If you are interested In the campaign then click the link on the left hand menu bar and get involved before it’s too late.  


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I agree I would be the better blog to join 😉

But don’t belittle the pub: almost all good politics has been fostered in the alcoholic womb of an ale house.

Comment by Geeklawyer

Yes I agree the pub is a good place for politics. Someone at a meeting I was at suggested it might not be a good place to meet as somepeople find alcohol offensive!

Comment by moon23

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