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Class Divide Still Rife in Modern Britain
June 28, 2007, 12:13 pm
Filed under: Current Affairs

You may think that in modern Britian class divide and elitism was a thing of a past. Sadly this is a myth becuase social mobility is lower in the UK than in any other developed nation. More evidence for the divisions in our society are evident from this BBC report  that states that 70% of Judges are privately educated whereas only 7% of the country as a whole is. You can’t get into a decent school these days unless you can afford to buy a house in the catchments area. Even within the state education system there are divisions based on wealth and privilege rather than merit. In most professions the funding bodies that provide means for new students to gain an education are bias towards those with an Oxbridge education. So the self-selecting cycle continues.

Until schools and the education system have fixed quotas on the social-economic backgrounds of the students they admit then we can’t hope to tackle this divide. Education is only one aspect. Housing is another major issue. The markets have been swamped by but-to-let landlords from the baby boomer generation. Who see the investments as a means to provide in their old age. Meanwhile the younger generations without the benefit of wealthy parents struggle to get onto the property ladder and are forced to have others feeding of their incomes in the form of profits from rent. Again what this country needs is to limit second house ownership. This will prevent the wealthy majority from squandering the housing stock for their own ends and allow many more people in this country to have their own abode. Secondly we need to adopt a socially minded scheme for long-term renting that improves the rights for private tenants. This would take the pressure of young people and take the bottom out of the current housing market Gravy Train.

The is only so long people will put up with the current state of play.


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