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Not so law abiding majority.
June 25, 2007, 9:34 am
Filed under: Current Affairs, ID Cards / Surveillance


Researchers at Keele University have exposed one of the myths that the majority of citizens are law abiding. Anyone who has either watched a soap opera, or read a book will now that law breaking is often depicted as an act that people commit. So this news may not come as a shock to most of us. Still I’m sure it’s meant to tell us something incredibly enlightening either about the moral fiber of us Brits, or for those like me who like to blame authority figures, the Blair government.  Since Tony ‘ I just did what I thought was right’ Blair got into power his government Small cohort of highly paid advisors controlled by business interests has passed the equivalent of a new law every 45mins. I say equivalent because much of these laws are revisions to existing laws, and extra points hashed onto the end thus turning the statue books into a Kafkaesque quagmire for Blair’s former colleagues in the legal profession. This all of course avoids the timely nuisance of having to have irksome MP’s question the decision in parliament.

 Could it simply be that nearly everything is now illegal? Most of the crimes looked at in the report are those such as ‘cheating the system’ e.g. dodging tax, bending bureaucracy, illegally invading foreign countries, turning a blind eye to CIA kidnaps,  paying cash to in order to receive honors, murdering government weapons experts, failing to produce reports on the cost of they ID card scheme on time etc…


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