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If Samuel Pepys were alive today
June 11, 2007, 3:23 pm
Filed under: Mumbo Jumbo, Philosophy

An anonymous Historian who I know rather well was the other day commenting on how they wanted to read Samuel Pepys’ Diary over the summer. I suspect that id Samuel was alive today he would have a blog rather than a diary. After all did he not want one day for someone to pick up his diary and go “what a wonderful chap”? Why else do people blog, if not for the reassurance that ‘their’ opinion is worth something and meaningful.  Even lofty political analysis or dazzling philosophical insights readers such as yourself receive from reading this page is only a by-product of my ego’s endless cravings for approval from the masses (no offence I’m sure you’re an individual).

Right leaving aside the pycho-reductionist rationale behind this post, there was some point I was getting to. Yes, well said Historian thought that blogs not only had a different style of writing e.g. posters try to post things that are interesting (like I’m doing now by engaging the reader in a conversation). In ‘reality’ most of the things bloggers do are incredibly mundane. Still the blogsphere is a big place and I’m sure there are thousands of pages given over to recording the mundane aspects of modern living.  

There is an interesting issue with the life-span  of blog posts when compared to diary entries. Perhaps I should start printing of reams of blog entries and storing them somewhere safe so that in years people can have the pleasure of reading my posts. I’m also going to create a new category of mundane things. Here I can post little things about my daily life which will be boring to read, but are performing a vital service in recording things for prosperity (boring things ripen to interesting things over time you see).


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