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Virgin Life TM aka Corporate Health Facists
June 8, 2007, 12:37 pm
Filed under: Current Affairs

Once upon a time most people worked in fields, work in these days was physical and direct. When something needed doing, you did it and when there was nothing to do you sat around relaxing. We however live post-industrial revolution. Theoretically this should mean that we have machines that are able to do lot’s of the work for us, however many of us still find ourselves chained to a desk five out of seven days in the week. It turns out the machines have resulted in more commodities rather than more time to relax.They have of course resulted in the creation of the sedentary job. Many of now sit in front of a computer screen venturing only occasionally to consume some caffeine or file some papers. The joy of the machine has brought about minimal physical exertion. Something to be celebrated on all accounts. Now however all these machines that increase productivity for the employer and take away the physical exertion for the workers are being blamed for making as fat & unhealthy. So the employer who introduced ‘labour saving’ machines now wants their workers to partake in ‘healthy’ activities. Here comes Virgin Life™, a sinister branch of the Virgin empire that seems dedicated to improving the health of a corporations staff in order to:

  • lower employer healthcare costs
  • reduced absenteeism and disability time
  • increased employee productivity
  • the ability to attract and retain a talented, healthy workforce; and
  • a tangible return on investment

Notice how in order that your employee can have a happier life or life longer don’t enter the astute businessmen’s psyche. Health of people and their behaviour is judged in terms of pure financial benifet. If worker X drinks more than 4 pints than your company is losing money! Time for Virgin Life TM to bombard them with propaganda in order that they can be re-imbued with the protestant work ethic. Not content with making us work in a sedentary manner employees now think they have some kind of right or worse ‘duty’ to ensure that we the workers are clean living health freaks

can’t help but feel that perhaps if we simply ditched some of the automated machines we could re-incorporate some physical exertion into our daily lives. At the moment it seems we are forced to work in sedentary jobs to earn cash and then persuaded to spend our cash on expensive Gym membership, Health foods, and Exercise classes. This amounts to a kind of double exploitation. The corporate lifestyle is happy to create a problem and sell you the solution.

Does anyone need a farmhand?



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