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G8 Battles in the Fields of Europe
June 7, 2007, 12:47 pm
Filed under: Current Affairs

This week played host to a series of protest against the G8. Germany is renowned (maybe only second to Greece) for having a large block of so called anarchist who are prepared to fight the police in the streets over their stance on capitalisms strangle hold on our planet. I can’t help but feel however that this type of actions doesn’t really result in any tangible political change. I wonder perhaps if it might be better to seek out new types of autonomous actions which do not involved having to fight people.

There is obviously a lot of passion amongst the rioters as this link shows but aside form perhaps the poll tax riots I can’t think of many instances when this passion results in the desired outcome. I have images of the revolution being a big massive party where people simply refuse to be exploited in their work any longer rather than something that involves fire bombs in the street. One thing is certain though, those inside the security fences making decision need to wake up to the thousands who are protesting behind the lines of police defenses.


Yesterday saw greenpeace’s navy take to the sea. Unfortunately their little trip was spoilt when their boat was rammed by the Germanic authorities (about 23 sec in). It was quite an impressive ram as the boat managed to ride completely over the top of the Greenpeace boat. Luckily the protesters seem intact. Meanwhile within the blockade the 8 chosen ones agreed a token move towards actual action on climate change. This allowed Blair a chance to congratulate himself a feat that was only mildly spoilt by needing to cover up a major arms deal corruption.


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