Disillusioned Discordian

Bansky Art is a ‘hot’ commodity.
June 7, 2007, 12:07 pm
Filed under: Current Affairs

The tale of Bansky is that often repeated of the rebel becoming subsumed by the culture industry Although his work still contains a strong political message one cannot help feel that this message has been lost through the commodification of his work. I guess some may feel that gaining money from the society he critiques is ironic and not incompatible with the work. To me his work is about challenging people’s assumption about the space around them. We have meekly accepted that big business has a right to convert our public spaces into a blank canvas for their advertising messages. This constant distraction from the aesthetic of space can often be a nuisance and as such seeing something subversive that is politically rather than financially motivated is really refreshing.

The theft of some of his work from a Brighton art Gallery therefore seems in a sense a fitting reaction to his commercialization.  I reflect on his piece where a leopard is coming out of a barcode well it seems these particular pieces of art have followed the leopards lead. I hope that someone sprays property is theft over the stolen pieces and then hangs them up in a gallery but I suspect instead they will sell them and spend the money on


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