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Direct Lettings
May 24, 2007, 12:54 pm
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Moon23 is currently in a wrangle with sub-human denizens from the underworld. Brighton Letting Agents such as http://www.directlettings.com/ are amongst the most irksome little fucks one could ever deal with. Anyone has had never had the misfortune to come across such demons should quickly throw some salt over their shoulder and praise the fact they have their own property to live in.Direct taunt me with claims on their website, such as “Our charges are set out clearly to you and there are no hidden extras.”. This is cruel for when you return from Holliday you could be billed a £15 + VAT admin fee for failing to respond to one of their written correspondence within the allotted time span of 10 days.

Moon23 reflects on how it would be almost as wealthy as Geeklawyer if he could charge £15 + VAT every time someone he did business with failed to respond in an arbitrary time set by Moon23. The income from MPs alone would force me into the bureaucratic hell of completing a tax return. Currently as a wage slave I have an HR department to administer this tedious realty of modern life.More annoyingly for Moon23 he neglected to cancel his standing order to the aforementioned demon manifestation in time. Some naïve notion that this might be done like Direct Debit via a series of magical banking pixies. This heinous crime resulted in an £50 charge being applied.

According to a letter to the National Association of Estate Agents in which Direct defends it’s actions this amount is to cover their costs. Now the fact is that they had to write Moon23 a cheque anyway ( having a deposit returned via the BACS system you pay them costs extra) so the only cost involved was the staffing costs involved in editing the amount of cheque they already had to write. Even if they were employing David Beckham to do their admin or some other dimwitted celebrity whore then it wouldn’t cost them that much. As such I’m treating it much in the same way as the bank charges that the OFT have spoken out against. It’s worse then the bank charges as this particular demon doesn’t even explain these charges before you sign the contract.
Direct are now trying to find ways to delay my subject access request under the 1998 Data Protection Act. Now they want me to send them through proof of my address in the form of a bank statement etc. Surely replying to their letter that was addressed to my address is proof enough? Still at least I know they are diligent protectors of personal information.


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bravo sir

Comment by Stick

I revel in your poverty and the contrast with my repellant grotesque wealth.

I have been burning £50 notes while reading this post just because I have so many in my wallet the bulge was ruining the lines of my Saville Row suit.

Oh another £500 up in smoke …

Comment by Geeklawyer

Well then David you won’t mind me sending you a bill for the administrative fee involved in moderating your posts.

Comment by moon23

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