Disillusioned Discordian

The secret world of Westminster
May 21, 2007, 10:00 am
Filed under: Current Affairs

We will now never now find out about the secret laboratory neo-labour were constructing under the houses of parliament. This like many other juicy secrets will remain hidden from the eyes of you and I. The freedom of information act seems like a fairly reasonable bill on the face of it. You and I or more likely Journalist with time on their hand write in request for information about our public institutions Capita run Bureaucracy factories. We pay for the institutions (twice now with PFI), they are owned collectively by us so we get to know about them right? Wrong.

Well at least as far as MP’s are concerned. In a well established tradition MP’s voted last Friday for self-preservation. This is the same phenomena that keeps their pension schemes topped up whilst workers in the public sector have theirs raided to mitigate budget deficits. Perhaps a parliamentary system whereby issues that directly effect MPs are voted by someone other than MPs might be lest Bias. Citing the need to keep their constituents private (even though there are existing caveats in the bill against private information being disclosed). Of course an amendment that just covered constituent’s correspondence would be out of the question, especially when there is such an golden opportunity to keep MP’s expenses in the shadows. Still help is at hand from the now seemingly radical Lords (well radical when compared to GOV. PLC). I wonder how long they can keep up this rearguard defence of civil rights and open democracy against plans for Lords reform.


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