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One more day of Blair, One more day of Sorrow…
May 10, 2007, 12:34 pm
Filed under: Current Affairs, ID Cards / Surveillance

So Blair has finally called his date for departure causing journalists across the country to retrieve their Blair legacy stories from their hard drives. I’m sure the Biosphere is also filling up with such political commentary so I thought I’d best get in on the bandwagon.Blair’s years for me have been a huge disappointment. It has been a government that lead by fear and followed an American economic model of privatisation of services. The third way ended up being the right wing way with a little bit of window dressing.

Iraq as we all know was Blair’s biggest mistake, his own contribution to fuelling anti-western extremism. It was a shame that invading a foreign country was seen as a solution to a problem caused primarily by a reaction to economic imperialism and a creeping cultural hegemony that threatened a particular strain of political Islam.

Still there has been another war Blair has waged on the home front, the war on civil liberties. I know it’s slightly rhetorical language I’m using and within the Blair paradigm each of these ‘security’ measures should be viewed in isolation to countering specific threats etc…etc… However take a step back and over Blair’s years one cannot help but notice that Britons are less free then they used to be. Not only that but we are also more watched then ever.

Worst of all these infringements on our rights haven’t even lead to any tangible increase in our security. Instead it has merely helped foster a ‘them and us’ attitude amongst an increasingly alienated youth and the rest of society. Take for instance ID cards, are they really going to stop terrorism? I can only suspect that a governments like Blair’s’ would like to create a total surveillance state within which we couldn’t fart without some minor bureaucrat knowing about it. Whilst on the subject of ID Cards it’s intersting to note that the late report on the cost of this folly has increased to over £5 Billion now. This news was released at the same time as Blair’s departure so at least he is going out on a spin.

So lets all hope that with Blair finally out the way neo-labour can return to being labour and that it can recapture some of the liberal spirit that defines us as British.


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