Disillusioned Discordian

Neo-Liberalism, Equality, Fraternity
May 9, 2007, 4:22 pm
Filed under: Current Affairs

I’ve often admired aspects of the French way of life. For instance the lower working hours, longer lunches and decent amount of holidays all made working in Blair’s Britain with its protestant work ethic appear a dull affair. Of course we do have better beer and a healthier drinking culture so this admiration wasn’t enough to encourage me to do something drastic such as move to French.This week however the French have chosen the right-wing Sarkozy to lead them. Apparently they have some sadomasochist desire to be lead by someone who promises to destroy French culture and instead chase some nightmarish vision of Anglo-American neo-liberalism. Still on the plus side apparently it’s going to improve relations with the US. Shouldn’t the improved friendship with the likes of Bush & Blair be sending off alarm bells in the heads of the French? The free market requires governments to produce cheap labour forces preferably without things such as rights or unions. The choice is robbed by arguments of so called economic necessity. If a government attempts to protect jobs in it’s own country then it will get accused of protectionism and the wrath of the free-trade organisations will fall upon them. Increasingly the power that governments and therefore the people who vote for them is decreasing due to economic factors that are beyond one nation state to control.


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