Disillusioned Discordian

Election Time
May 2, 2007, 1:40 pm
Filed under: Current Affairs

Ah, elections are upon us. I’m sure many people are not really bothered because we are of course all apathetic and more bothered about who wins the next round of pop idol. Is a criticism of the masses or the politicians though? Of course no matter who you vote for a government will always get in so I’m tempted to follow the advice of those nice folk over at indymedia. 

I however will be watching the BBC’s online election map with giddy excitement. It’s a bit like seeing the UK divided into a giant risk battle board. It is however depressing that with our first past the post system our options for change are so limited. So it’s the old dilemma of voting for someone you don’t like because you really don’t like the other option. I guess you could always vote for climate change though . span>

Much to my annoyance there is a BNP candidate standing in my area. I’m therefore tempted to vote for another minority party simply to try and ensure they are bottom of the pile. I think therefore Green’s will be getting my vote.  At least I can take comfort that neo-labour will get a bit of a kicking, not so much as they deserve though what with their crack down on civil liberties and crazy ID card scheme.


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