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Morris Initiation
April 25, 2007, 4:43 pm
Filed under: Morris

my Naive youth I had thought that Morris was all napkin waiving and bells. That was before I went to the Dartmoor folk festival and came across the Grimspound Morris. These chaps were dressed in black, with blacked up faces. They had dead animals on their hats and the napkins were replaced with sticks. I thought to myself how much more appealing these was to my previous experiences of the dancers.

You will be pleased to know that fate has landed me the opportunity of living close to where one side (that is the proper terminology of a group of Morris dancers) practices and regularly dances.  My cat like agility has paid off and I have mastered (or at least managed to perform) at least one dance. My date with the public awaits and not only shall I be out dancing at Dawn next mayday but I will also be kitted out and may pole dancing in the evening.

I shall Endeavour to let you know how it goes.“>


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I really do think you need to post a picture!

Comment by Geeklawyer

I’m dancing out on tuesday so you might get a pic this week.

Comment by moon23

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