Disillusioned Discordian

April 18, 2007, 10:17 am
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Welcome dear reader, You have happened across my new blog, which at the moment as you can well see is devoid of anything worth reading.  Instead of  throwing myself fully into my comment and analysis of topics, I shall indulge in telling you what you can expect from these pages.   Firstly there has been a debate in the media (aka Radio 4)  about the quality of bloggers comment & analysis. Rest assured as a former High Pope I am well versed, and  by even the most stringent levels of academic rigor you can consider me an expert. It strikes me that  in this iconographic age of branding I should really have a theme so I have chosen upon the theme of poly-thematic  with a vague snappy title:

Civil Rights-Politics-ID Cards,-Walking-Morris Dancing-Philosophy-Pseudo-Philosophy/Mumbo Jumbo.

You might even be lucky enough to get a cleverly designed symbol that encapsulates the art described by Bryan Ferry as “just amazing” and “really beautiful.”. Oh but of course I’m not a Nazi Fuckhead so you will have to have settle on a shitty bitmap I designed in Paint instead or as I’m too lazy for that whatever soulless picture wordpress will put under my lazy mouse pointer.. (mmm.. this is making me  wonder how effective National Socialism would have been with a pixilated Swastika.) So remember my bad design etc. Is just a insurance policy against fascism.



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I wish you well with your blog.

My mother owned a discordian. It made a terrible racket as I recall …

Comment by geeklawyer


There is a certain technique to playing that I admit is often hard to master.

Comment by moon23

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