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Spring is the new Black
April 18, 2007, 12:33 pm
Filed under: Current Affairs

Moon23 is viewing the news that Summer ‘has arrived’ with skepticism. Walking in his new rural setting the blue bells have yet to emerge, yet on a trip into the nearest city I have observer blue bells a plenty. The summation is that there can be huge regional variations in plant activity between areas rather near to each other.  Of course this won’t stop the press from clasping at straws for another global warming panic story.

Let me be clear I’ve partaken in my fair share of environmental political activism, but that doesn’t mean I endorse the reactionary attitude towards global warming. Stories like this help contribute to the anti-global warming backlash. Like the BNP these people use critiques of the press/public reaction in order to further justify their position via a strawman style of reasoning. It’s like the  fable of the boy who cried wolf.  I can see it now, a poorly made documentary picking holes in such stories and coming to the conclusion that global warming is nothing more than a conspiracy by environmentalists to impose their own anarcho-primitive paganism upon the world.

Personally I blame the BBC’s ‘Springwatch’. It plays to the paranoid curtain twitchers who have become disillusioned with their neighborhood watch group through lack of ASBO teens in Kevlar Hoodies to spy on. Now they turn to plant life, monitoring it for deviation or unusual behavior. Right now Bill Oddie is laughing manically as he authorizes another webcam to some godforsaken badger set in Somerset. Meanwhile people are too busy emailing in pictures of plants to go out and actually appreciate the awakening of nature in the fine weather.


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